Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Children's Story-A-Day Literary Initiative

The latest collection of short stories for kids ages 3-10 is now available from knowonder! The Volume 4 collection, featuring "Herman's Horrible Day," includes 31 fun, adventurous stories written by professional authors. There are stories about riddle-crazed merchants and toilet paper telescopes. Hippos with frogs in their throats and teachers with frogs in their pants! Mystery-solving detectives and daring hero-monsters! Fairies and swamp monsters, aliens and reindeer...a little something for everyone!

New Focus

Knowonder! has changed its focus in recent months. Instead of offering all free stories on the web site,, the publication is now publishing a physical collection of stories each month. Why?

Its mission is to eradicate illiteracy and improve education success through content that is affordable, accessible, and effective. In order to achieve that mission, knowonder! must product a product people will use. And its more difficult to obtain stories from a web site every day, especially when trying to tuck a child in at bedtime.

As a result, knowonder! has turned to physical books--and is seeing results. Parents and children are using the books to assist in their daily reading. Physical books are easier to use and engage children more, which is what reading is all about!


The knowonder! Literacy Program is simply a daily reminder to read, education as to why it's important, and providing support materials to make it easier, more accessible, and more affordable.

Knowonder! offers a free collection of stories on its web site as well as more information and research on reading to children daily as well as additional resources and engaging articles for parents to use with their children.

For Authors

knowonder! is currently accepting story submissions for 2013! Visit the web site for the editorial calendar and submissions guidelines.

Visit today!

Click here to buy the Volume 4 Print Collection

Click here to buy the Volume 4 Kindle Collection

--KSR Writer

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