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"Live and Let Fly" Fantasy Humorist Author Karina Fabian

Note: "Live and Let Fly" is now available! To purchase from MuseItUp Publishing, click here.

Everyone can use a little humor in their lives, and who doesn't love a good super-spy spoof? My guest today is fantasy humorist Karina Fabian, and her latest fiction book, "Live and Let Fly" releases April 20th with MuseItUp Publishing. Welcome, Karina!

Tell us a little about your background and how you became an author.

When I was in high school, my speech and debate coach talked me into competing in extemporaneous speech.  My first competition, I drew for my first topic, “Does Rock and Roll Lead to Moral Degredation?”  It was such a ridiculous topic that I gave it the treatment it deserves—and had the judge in stitches.  I took first place that day, and that’s when I realized I could be funny.

Nonetheless, I never set out to write comedy.  I went to college intending to become a scientist, only to discover that these hands kill equipment (still do—ask my longsuffering husband and tech support).  I switched to math, which I loved, went into the Air Force, which I did not love, fell in love with a fellow officer, got married and had babies.  When the first two were toddlers, I returned to writing.

I write an eclectic mix.  Even within the DragonEye, PI universe, I have some very serious stories and some very funny ones.  Live and Let Fly, which comes out this month, counts as one of the very funny ones, and like that speech in high school, I was just giving super-spy spoofing the treatment it deserved.

What is one of your favorite books and why?

MYTH, Inc. by Robert Asprin (and later Jody Lynn Nye).  It’s funny and fast-moving; the characters are lovable, and the situations are absurd.  Plus there’s a healthy amount of punning and plays on words and situations.  If I could put the DragonEye books next to any others on a store bookshelf, I’d want them next to the MYTH, Inc. novels.

What inspired you to write this book?

It was all about love.  People were loving the first DragonEye novel, Magic, Mensa, and Mayhem.  I loved writing about Vern and Grace.  My publisher at the time, Dindy Robinson of Swimming Kangaroo, said she’d love another book.  The book eventually ended up at MuseItUp because Swimming Kangaroo stopped publishing new books after I’d written it, but I love this publisher, too.  Ah, l’amor!

How would you describe your writing process?

Varying.  Usually, I’m seat of the pants, so I have an idea and characters and I just sit and write.  Last year, however, my husband challenged me to write a sci-fi based on The Old Man and the Sea, so I spent a few weeks researching and outlining that book.  I finished Dex’s Way in February and love it.  I wrote a novel during NaNoWriMo, and spent three years rewriting it until I got it “right.”  (It’s under consideration by a publisher right now.)  The next book, Gapman, will be seat-of the pants, but I have several scenes that I’ve written in various online workshops.

If there’s one common thread, it’s this:  I have  great character, I let them tell me the story, and I always spend some time each day writing.

How have you marketed your book?

We’re doing it right now!  This interview is part of the Live and Let Fly virtual book tour, including over 50 stops, prizes, and a scavenger hunt for the main prize.  I have also been doing some pre-marketing with polls and video teasers.  If we get a print version, then I’ll be sending those out to the big review sites; I do send out review copies to bloggers and magazines that take them.  I believe in reviews.

What advice would you give to other authors?

Write. Revise. Submit.  Repeat.  Rejection isn’t personal; it’s business. Learn from it if you can and if not, move on.  Write.  Revise.  Submit.

Please provide a favorite excerpt from your book.

"Live and Let Fly" book description:

When Charlie Wilmot, the Duke's herald and Vern and Grace's friend, gets mugged and his fiancé's engagement ring stolen, they agree to find the culprit. But his courier pouch held more than just a ring--the secret device sewn into it could help others create their own Interdimensional Gap--or usher Armageddon into two universes. Drafted into an Interdimensional intelligence network, Vern, Grace and Charlie go undercover--Vern, as a human! It's super-spy spoofing at its best as 007 meets Ragnarok!


Charlie started to close the door behind us, his other hand gripping the handle of his dagger so tightly I could hear the leather wrap on the handle strain, as we listened to the footsteps coming our way, slow, bored. My predator's instincts rose; then I had a great idea. I shook my head at Charlie and winked, and he shuffled out of my way, leaving the door ajar. I settled myself with my back to the door, just inside the shadows and let the script play itself out:

CLUELESS MINION enters Stage Left. He pauses, hearing a noise, but does not report it. Instead, he fondles the stars on his nametag and moves toward the empty hallway, his mind on adding another. (Probably saying, "I was proactive today!")
CLUELESS pauses at door, hesitating. He stands and, back to the door, reaches for his walkie-talkie.
Suddenly, a well-muscled and gorgeously scaled tail whips out from the crack in the door and wraps itself around his neck. He only has time to grab ineffectively at the tail before he's drawn into the darkness. The door shuts behind him.
Pan shot of the empty hallway.

I slammed my victim on the floor and pinned him with my forelegs, then I leaned my face in nice and slow, making sure he got a good look at my fangs before he saw my eyes. "Where's the girl?" I growled low and menacingly.
"Wh-What g-g-girl?"
Charlie crouched down by Stutterboy and glanced at his nametag. "Look, Philip, we're in a bit of a hurry. We know Rhoda Dakota's being held captive somewhere nearby. Now you can be a good survivor and tell us where…or you can be dinner."
"I-I don't—"                 
"Phil A. Minion." I mused and drooled a bit for effect. I live for these moments, I really do. I licked his cheek and asked Charlie, "Can I have fries with that?"
"Why not? This is Idaho."

Where can readers find you and your book?

Karina Fabian is an award-winning fantasy, science fiction and horror author, whose  books make people laugh, cry or think—sometimes all three.  Check out her latest at


Note: Live and Let Fly will be available for purchase from MuseItUp Publishing beginning April 20th! For a sneak peek, view the book trailer here!

Thank you, Karina! I look forward to the book coming out!

--KSR Writer

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